CCEA AGM Overview March 2019



March 19th 2019

Union Club, Victoria, B.C.





Meeting Chaired by Kim Knudsen

Minutes prepared by Sandi Ferguson  Executive Assistant


Call to Order 12:10     Kim Knudsen President


Any additions to the Agenda?


Motion for approval of the Agenda.

It was moved by Mary Lou Newbold and seconded Dan Parker that the for the meeting be approved:  carried all in favour.

 Motion for Approval of the Minutes of the AGM held on March 20, 2018


  1.  Any errors or omissions arising from the minutes of the AGM held on March 20, 2018.  No errors.
  2.  Any other business arising from the minutes?   No further business


It was moved by Danuta Bennett and seconded by Mary Jane Post that the minutes from the AGM of March 20, 2017 be approved:  Carried – All in Favour.



Kim:  Read the letter from Rob Shemilt in his absence.


My thoughts moving forward regarding CCEA membership.

 With approximately 25 member businesses, we desperately need to increase membership or the association will continue to struggle moving forward. Quite recently we have seen an exodus of members with some being long time participants of CCEA. Some members have expressed that they weren’t getting value out of the association any longer, as they hadn’t received direct leads, referrals or business to make it worthwhile belonging.

 Over two years ago CCEA embarked on a member value proposition in conjunction with the Times Colonist in spending some money to conduct a membership drive. With the blessing of CCEA members, everyone unanimously approved spending up to a certain amount of money and placing a full page add in the TC or running a series of smaller ads. A considerable amount of effort was given to this idea by the Board of Directors at the time but a few members saw fit to form a sub-membership committee and changed direction. The sub- committee put forth some great ideas along with a survey of the membership but noting dramatically has changed since this time. Our membership continues to dwindle…

Another option to increasing membership, which goes completely against the grain of member specific category only businesses, is to open up membership to any business wanting to join. If implemented this would create a networking group as opposed to a leads based association.

It’s time to get serious about increasing membership in devoting some association funds to this project or face the possibility of dissolving



Rob Shemilt

Mary Lou – Well said

Danuta :  I would like it to be known that it was not a unanimous vote.  It was then the   committee was formed and a Marketing Committee called:  - members’ surveys and many ideas came out of this

Mary Jane – at that time it was not appropriate to spend the funds – a committee was formed and nothing has been acted upon – what Rob has suggested is pretty radical – but it is something that we may have to look at.  I am guilty as charged and every member has to take this on as something that they will look into their circle of contacts and try and bring in appropriate candidates

Dan:  suggested that this be discussed in New Business:  and gave his opinion that he was opposed to the suggestion, as it goes against the Constitution & Bylaws,  you cannot have conflicting categories and if it were to be discussed – it had to be  announced two weeks ago.  Tabled to NEW BUSINESS




As this is my last meeting, I would like to thank all of you for the time. It has been a pleasure to have served as President of such a fine group and it has been a learning experience for me. Also as the Oswego Hotel will be leaving the CCEA, I also wish to thank everyone for all your support of our hotel and although I will no longer be at the CCEA, I am still part of the community and always willing to be of service to the members.

We have had a good selection of speakers during my term and although we have had a few members leaving, we have also had a good number of new members coming to the group.

Once again, thank you for your support.



I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity of serving as the CCEA Vice President for the past year. As life and business continues to move at a fast pace, I believe our group is picking up speed with new members and continuing in the right direction.

Getting involved more visibly and vocally and I say this with caution, more politically with the city might be something we want to pursue to help businesses in our region; let's make our presence known. Business owners are a diverse group however we generally are of homogenous opinions which are pragmatic in nature. However, I propose in the upcoming year we maybe forward ourselves as more of a presence with respect to the city's decisions and plans.

In short, regarding the political scene it would appear the business community is not supported by the City of Victoria’s mayor and council as evident by many of their decisions and initiatives.  This might be something that we as a group would want to make our collective presence known by putting forward our opinions to City Council.  I would like to mention this idea at the AGM to inquire if this is something the members are interested in as a background mission. Similar to what the Chamber does, and act as an advocate with or in addition to the Chamber’s interaction with the local government.  I’m not certain if the CCEA can be involved in anything political or not but if there is no restriction it might be worth considering.

The membership is expanding in its diversity which I believe will be our strength for influence and attracting new members in the business community in the future.

I look forward to serving the CCEA in the upcoming year and I’d like to take a moment to thank the Board of Directors for all their hard work put forth again this past year.  Thank to you all the members as well for your shared wisdom and comradery.  Lastly, I’d like to mention a thank you to Mary Lou for her experience and wisdom which I really have admired and appreciated her guidance on the board as I learned the ropes as the VP this past year.



  1. Presentation of the Financial Report for the year ended December 31, 2018

(Sheri Kasnik)

It has been my pleasure to have been the Treasurer this past year. And CCEA is in good financial   standing:


Island Savings Account:
o   Started the year with balance of $4,489.54 in Chequing; ended Dec. 31st with balance of $11,319.65
o   Ended the year with a $12,364.26 term deposit - currently in a 9+9 step up (redeemable any time) earning avg. rate of

               2.50%; matures Mar. 28/20
o   Total assets at Dec. 31st:        $30,123.74
o   Total liabilities at Dec. 31st:   $  5,078.07
o   Equity position at Dec. 31st: $25,045.67.  This is just under $998 higher than year-end 2017.
o   Changes made this year as Treasurer: provided view-only online access to Bookkeeper, removing need for paper

               statements and $2/month fee
o   Encouraging more members to pay dues via e-Transfer - easy access for Treasurer to deposit to account
o   Recommend continuing to move additional funds from Chequing to term deposits depending on cash flow needs


Motion to approve the 2018 Financial Statements as presented –  was approved as presented

Presentation of the Budget for the year ending December 31, 2019

(Sheri Kasnik)






 $              35,370

 $          33,379

 $              1,991



 $               42,655

 $          32,381

 $            10,274



 $                    998









Under budget items:





  Christmas luncheon

 $                 2,000

 $               353



  Club luncheons

 $               16,800

 $          14,341



  Executive Assistant fees

 $                 7,000

 $            6,617



  Postage, printing & office supplies

 $                    300

 $               131



  Promotion (ads/marketing)

 $                 5,000

 $                   -



  Promotion (new members)

 $                    855

 $               570



  Super Tuesday events

 $                 3,000

 $            1,434



  Web hosting & maintenance

 $                 1,400

 $            1,214








Over budget items:





  Golf tournament

 $                    500

 $            1,343



  Bookkeeping fees

 $                 2,500

 $            2,809



  Trophies & gifts

 $                    280

 $               402






Motion to approve the 2018 Financial Statements as presented – it was moved by




Presentation of the Budget for the year ending December 31, 2019



(Sheri Kasnik 2019 Budget for consideration                                         2018-2019           Proposed 2019-2020

  Christmas luncheon

 $                 2,000

$  2000

  Club luncheons

 $               16,800


  Executive Assistant fees

 $                 7,000

$   7000

  Postage, printing & office supplies

 $                    300

$    300

  Promotion (ads/marketing)

 $                 5,000

$  5, 000

  Promotion (new members)

 $                    855

$  1, 000

  Super Tuesday events

 $                 3,000

$ 2, 500

  Web hosting & maintenance

 $                 1,400

$ 1, 400






  Golf tournament

 $                    500

$    500

  Bookkeeping fees

 $                 2,500

$ 3, 000

  Trophies & gifts

 $                    280

$     750



Motion to accept the 2019  as presented: It was moved by:   Mary Lou Newbold seconded by Cathy Scott. – all in favour:  Carried.


            Mary Lou:  The money mentioned by Rob in his letter is there to spend as it was not spent in the previous fiscal year.






Programs:                   President Kim Knudsen – Speaker Program

                                    Executive Assistant – Spotlight Program

Speaker Program      Kim Knudsen 



January 2  2018





January 16

Spot Lights




January 30

Super Tuesday




February 6

Spot Lights

Dave Cutler



February 20

Speaker Rajpreet Sall - Emergency Preparedness




February 27

Board Meeting




March 6

Outside Luncheon   Bayview Properties




March 20





March 27

Board Meeting




April 3

Spot Lights

Mike Frankenberger

Dan Lundgren


April 17

Speaker  - The Chefs from the Oswego Hotel  




May 1

Spot Lights

Stephanie Louie

Charlotte Salomon


May 15

Speaker Jodi Gaiser   Advancement Coordinator, Power To Be




May 29

Super Tuesday - Home Visit at Charlotte Salomon’s 




June 5

Speaker - Leanne Kopp  the Island Prostate Centre




June 19

Speaker -  Michael Losier




July 3





July 17

Speaker  -  Barb Desjardins      Mayor of Esquimalt:




July 24

Golf Tournament




August 7

Spot Lights

Stewart Downey

Ian Clarke

Carolyn Harries Duncan

August 21

Spot Lights

Pam Smirl

Rob Shemilt

Susan Nicklen

August 28

Super Tuesday Pickle Pub Crawl




September  4

Spot Lights

Steve Boker

Cathy Scott


September 18

Speaker Dave Rittenhouse - Senior's Care Hack - Executor Director




September  19

Super Tuesday




October 2

Spot Lights

Kerry Brown

Mary Jane Posno

Kim Knudsen

October 16

 Speaker Jeff Bray – Executive Director of the Downtown Business Association




October 30

Super Tuesday  Ghost Tours




November 6

Spot Lights

Pablo Miranda

Corie Meyer


November 20

Speaker Peter Ord - Robert Bateman Centre




December 4

Christmas Luncheon - Dana Hutchings - Power To Be - recipient of CCEA Charity Donations




December 18

Union Club Luncheon gift exchange




January 1  2019

NEW YEARS DAY - cancelled




January 8

Board Meeting




January 15

Speaker Dan Lundgren - Website Overview

 & Danuta Bennett - Social Media 

January 29

Super Tuesday  Langham Court Theatre




February 5

Spot Lights

Mike O’Neil

Amanda Mills


February 12

Speaker Danuta Bennett - Cyber Crime




February 27

Board Meeting




March 5

Spot Lights

Dan Parker

Glenda Plews


March 19





March 26

Board Meeting




April 2

Spot Lights


Dave Campbell


April 16


April 30

Super Tuesday




Mary Lou Newbold


May 21

SPEAKER;  Paul Nursey



Social Media:              Danuta Bennett


In 2018 we had a 10% increase of followers on twitter by gaining 43 new followers.  The previous year I had managed to increase the followers by 42% by adding 168 new followers so the steady increase did level off in 2018.  Facebook has had a nominal increase of likes and followers but more engagements when posting.


We have 449 followers on twitter and we are following 672.

Facebook has 89 page likes and 87 people are following us.


Social Media activity took a downturn recently as well as momentum was slowed when concerns from the membership were expressed that it may inadvertently provide exposure to competitors.  Due to the inherent nature of social media contacts and reciprocal visibility of the platforms used i.e. twitter and face book, it is unavoidable.  To counteract this, more activity from the members is required and interaction as a whole. 


Based on the discussion that ensued after an educational presentation to the members about our website, twitter and facebook presence it was clear that maybe further discussion at the AGM may be necessary.  I do recommend as the Social Media director the activity could be increased by member participation and granting other BOD members access to post which would help expand our presence and it will by default push down any potential competitors’ visibility.


Depending on the members’ receptiveness to our social media presence continuing and hopefully increasing which should help attract new members there have a been a few ideas tabled for the next BOD to consider in the 2019.


Entertainment Director:        Mary Jane Posno       CCEA Entertainment Report 2018-2019


We had a good year with Super Tuesday – we were over spent on the Golf tournament but kept within our $500.00 budget for the balance of the event.   We will subsidize our members as much as we can.


We did ok with the member attendance, but the whole idea of these events is to get to social zew with others.


May 29th.  We were hosted at the home of Charlotte Salomon & Chris Robinson.  There were 32 in attendance (21 CCEA members & 11 guests).  Members each brought a bottle of wine, while CCEA provided a selection of appetizers, desserts & non-alcoholic beverages.  Expenses came to $300.39


July 24   Golf Tournament.  At The Ridge at Cordova Bay it was hot, hot, hot & so were our 16 golfers.  An additional 12 members & guests came for the barbeque dinner.  Hole sponsors (longest drive, closest to the pin etc) were Mills Appraisal, Payworks, Poppies Floral Art & The Ridge Golf Course.   A gift exchange of prizes provided by everyone in attendance was enjoyed by all.   This event has a budget of $500.  Subsidies are provided to members.  Over spent by $205.13


August 28    Pickle Boat Pub Crawl.   Thirteen members & guests enjoyed an evening on the water & at various watering holes.  We started out at Lure, went on the Bard & Banker & a few hardy souls finished up the Hotel Grand Pacific.  CCEA covered the Pickle Boat passes &the food at our first stop.  (Participants covered their own beverages & food at the B&B & HGP). Total spend for this event $495.94


October 30 Ghostly Walk.  It was a dark & drizzly night as 18 members & guests set out for a tour of Chinatown & environs.  We were well entertained & “spooked out” by Brie’s tales of mystery from Victoria’s past.  We then went to the Bard & Banker where participants were responsible for their own food & beverage.  Expenses or this event came to $270.  (18 x $15)


December 4   Christmas Lunch. A delicious turkey buffet (including desserts!) was enjoyed by 45 attendees (25 members & 20 guests).  Our guests included several former members, thanks to Dan Parker’s reaching out to them by telephone.  We were entertained during lunch by Los Gringos Locos, an acoustic guitar duo playing Latin/Jazz selections.  Our charity selected by the membership this year was “Power to Be” was represented by Dana Hutchings.  Our donation was in excess of $1400.The budget for the lunch is $2000& we were plus $721.68 .


January 29   Dinner & Langham Court Theatre.  Fifteen went to dinner at the Village Taverna & nineteen attended Lanham Court Theatre’s production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” Dinner cost was paid by those attending.  Cost to CCEA for this event was $240 (10 members fully subsidized at $24 /ticket).  Guests were billed to the members’ accounts.


Leads & Website:       Dan Lundgren – Presented by Sean O’Hara


Direct Lead   158                      General Leads     75                         Thank yous issued       75

Minis Visits   18                         Announcements  23                          Thanks yous received  73

Done Business  690



Membership& Attendance:              Corie Meyer


It has been a pleasure serving on the CCEA Board at Membership Chair and Thank you to the board members for helping me transitioning thru it.


New Members Welcomed:


May 2018:             Carolyn Harries-Duncan - D.G. Bremner & Co. Menswear in the category of “Mens' Clothing"  

     Bruce Kolb and Stewart Doney - Innov8 Digital Solutions under the category of "Office Equipment"   

December 2018:     Dr. Zale Bonnet and Dr. Matthew Kittleson   - UC Life Chiropractic Centre under the category of 



New Members Starting


Starting in April 1, 2019                  Michael McCarthy - Applied Color BC Inc under the category of “Painter”

Starting May 1, 2019                      Debbie Hartz - Canadian Federation of Independent Business under the category  - “Business Advocacy and Benefits.”

Still under approval:                        Dr Graham McMillan in the category "Dentist"




Jun 18, 2018               Grace Dimion, CPA, CABurkett & Co. Chartered Professional Accountants – under the category of “Accountant”

September 10, 2018       Stephanie Louie Chiropractor under the category - Chiropractor

December 31, 2018     Mike Frankenberger, CPA, CA  - Coast Mountain Benefits Inc.  

December 24. 2018     Kerry Brown - Success Business Coach

December 31, 2018     Carolyn Harries-Duncan - dg Bremner & Co Menswear - category of  Mens' clothing

Barbara Hubbard - Baden-Baden Boutique Ltd – category of Ladies Clothing/Fashion

March 31, 2019          Kim Knudson - The Oswego Hotel – category of Hotel and Food Services



November 7, 2018    Peter Baillie with   alternate  - Susan Hickman for the Times Colonist.


Mar Lou Newbold  - Past President  I have the honour to make the Presentation of Awards for retiring Directors  - Kim Knudsen –President   and   The Oswego is retiring from   CCEA effective March 31, 20128                                                                                                                         


Presentations of Member Awards                 




Dan Lundgren

Danuta Bennett  Tied for 1st 2nd & 3rd   $62.00 each

Mary Jane Posno





#1   Corie Meyer                                                     $100

#2   Maria Dominelli                                              $  50

#3    Rob Shemilt                                                    $  35



Mini Visits


# 1   Corie Meyer                            $100.00

#2    Maria Dominelli                     $50.00

#3   Rob Shemilt                              $35.00




Done Business With

#1    Mary Lou Newbold                                          $100.00

#2   Dan Lundgren                                     $ 50.00

#3   Amanda Mills                                    $ 35.00





Any New Business from the Floor?  Rob Shemilt’s Letter- has been deferred to the BOD Meeting March 26, 2019.


The Meeting was turned over to the Chair of Nomination Committee - Mary Jane Posno


Elections for the Board of Directors:  Chair of the Nomination Committee:  Mary Jane Posno


As per Article III b) the name of the candidate that were emailed to members recently in the ‘bulletin’ are final.  Nominations from the floor were called for at the meetings prior to this AGM.  There will be no nominations from the floor today.


The following members have put their names forward for election:


  1. Zale  Bonnett


The following members are returning to the Board for the second year of their term:


  1.  Dan Lundgren - Leads
  2.  Mary Jane Posno - Entertainment
  3. Danuta Bennett – President  & Social Media
  4. Mary Lou Newbold – one year term as Past President
  5. Corie Meyer – Vice President
  6. Sheri Kasnik - Treasurer



The following members are retiring:


  1. Kim Knudsen


14.   A Motion was put forward to elect the BOD as put forward in the bulletin. Steve Boker and Stuart Doney:

The board is by acclamation.


 Mary Jane Posno  Congratulations to the new board!


Administering the Oath – Cathy Scott


Induction of Newly Elected Members:  Cathy Scott






 Please stand as your name is called, and please come forward and face the assembled membership.  


 “Please hold your applause until the swearing in ceremony is completed.”




President/ Social Media: Danuta Bennett

Vice President/                                 Corie Meyer

Membership/Attendance:             Zale Bonnett

Treasurer:                                         Sheri Kasnik     

Programs:                                         President Danuta Bennett

Leads & Website:                            Dan Lundgren - 

Entertainment:                                 Mary Jane Posno   

Past President:                              Mary Lou Newbold            


Members:    Please stand and face the new officers and directors